Solid gold USB stick challenges your wallet

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If I learnt anything from the second series of Heroes, it’s that people who turn stuff into gold tend to end up in an early grave. A cautionary tale for Super Talent, who make USB drives out of 18 carat solid gold. The Pico-C USB drive. Oh, they cost US$599, by the way. What do you get for that cash? 8GB of storage, 30MB/s transfer speeds (gold’s a very good conductor) and water resistance, in case you drop it in your $300 glass of champagne.

The company will also etch anything you like onto it for no extra cost, like a pretty zebra, your primary school nickname (big ears), or maybe even your company’s logo. The whole thing arrives in a black velvet jewelery box with a certificate of authenticity and a gold keychain. I’ll say again – US$599. That’s £380. Yowch. Grab one on eBay and spraypaint it gold instead.

Super Talent (via ShinyShiny)

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    • Nah, it’s a thin-form USB stick, a bit like this. They’re starting to show up on the market. They’re very very thin.

  • Hmmm classy! The one with the crucifix says it all, doesn’t it? Just what every tech-savvy, American TV preacher needs!

    • Did you ever see that clip from a film about the religious right which showed a preacher wandering around the place he was going to talk later in blessing stuff, including his Powerpoint presentation. He said “Lord… we know the devil tends to strike here…”. Brilliant.

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