The Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard – kill me now.

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Sod all this backlit keyboard malarkey that the world and and his wife are adding to their computers. Instead, buy yourself something guaranteed to pick up any ambient light and chuck it right into your face. Buy yourself a gold keyboard!

No, not convinced? Come on, it’s only $359. It’s a bargain and, get this, it’s Pure Gold! Well, when I say Pure Gold, that’s the name of the product, the Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard. The trick is that it’s not. It’s just some gold leaf stuck on top of a keyboard – solid gold leaf though, I should think.

Still, what did you expect for $359? What, more than a cheap, two-USBed, 500g nasty looking keyboard? Oh yeah, me too.

Pure Gold Keyboard (via Red Ferret)

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