Specially-designed napkin keeps your laptop's keyboard clean

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Keyboard_laptop_napkin_1.jpgThis very basic idea was clearly dreamt up after a terrible accident at a working lunch, which resulted in the death of yet another laptop. Solution? Put this napkin over the keyboard, and since it has the keys printed onto it, you can continue to type with a sandwich in the other hand, without fear of destroying your computer.

The-Keyboard-Napkin_2.jpgThe napkin is part of a range designed for ‘single men households’. God knows what these single men look up on the internet, and why they’d need a napkin over the keyboard to prevent any spillages, but this should help them out.

The napkin comes with attached tape to keep it in place whilst typing. It probably isn’t strong enough to hold back a forceful coffee spillage, but might well be quite a useful product if you eat lunch whilst working, regardless of your gender or relationship status.

(via Likecool)

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