No-key Keyboard – all glass, one camera and oceans of style


There’s no denying that Kong Fanwen’s No-key Keyboard is beautiful. The only reasons I wouldn’t want this stylish piece of glass on my desk are because I might break it and it would only make the rest of my computer set-up look hideously ugly – the exact reverse of why people like to hang out with Steve Ballmer.

The other problem is that I’d probably tip half my lunch over it but, of course, because there are no keys, there’s just one flat service to wipe clean. Very nice.


The way it works is with a set-up of lights and cameras that watch the keys as your fingers cover them, so it can worked out which characters you’re pressing. Hard to tell how effective it would be in terms of accuracy and lag and whether the extra apparatus would be a total pain in the arse but, as I say, there’s no denying it’s a stunner.


(via Yanko Design)

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Daniel Sung
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