Epson Multimedia Photo Viewers: See your photos on a slightly bigger screen than the one on your camera

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Epson has unveiled a couple of new devices aimed at pro photographers. The P6000 and P7000 Multimedia Photo Viewers are somewhere that you can download your photos to on the go, freeing up your camera’s memory card for yet more photos.

Whilst this isn’t exactly a new idea – there was an add-on for the ancient iPod Photo that did the same thing – these new devices seem as though they’ll do the job best, sporting a 80GB and 160GB respectively, both have a 4″ 640×480 screen and will apparently transfer photos “35% faster” than previous models.

The P6000 will retail for $599 (about £300) and the P7000 will be $799 (about £400)… so you probably have to really, really like photography if you’re going to get one.

(via DVICE)

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