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Facebook has added a new feature to the big ol’ river of crap that is the homepage news feed. Previously you could tweak it a little bit, allowing you to display just status updates, or photos, but after a quick check of my Facebook account, there’s now a wealth of options available.

You can now select to just view stories about particular applications. For example, you could just view events stories, or just stories about Scrabulous/Wordscraper, if you want an easy way to check up on the 20 games you’ve got going on at once.

The new functionality also lets you filter the news feed by your friend groups. If you’re not that bothered about hearing that “John is having lunch“, when you haven’t seen John since primary school, then you’ll find the new features useful. Make a group of the people you actually want to hear about, and then just view their feed.

Lastly, there’s now an option to view ‘All Stories’, so if you’re the type to compulsively check your news feed every second then you’ll have more to read. You can see exactly which stories got filtered out of your ‘Top Stories’ list.

The new features are live right now. On my Facebook account, anyway. Facebook often don’t roll out features to everyone at the same time, so if you’ve not got them yet then sit tight. Let us know if it’s shown up on your profile yet, and tell us what you think, in the comments.

(Via TechCrunch)

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