Jewel encrusted, gold MacBook Air: Expensive but that's Macs for you

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Yes, this is a MacBook Air and yes, it’s made of 24 carat gold. What may have escaped your attention – and lean in nice and close to the picture now – is that the Apple logo is made of sapphires that even light up the old school rainbow colours.

There’s nothing special about the rest of the machine. The innards are the standard 1.6GHz processor and 2GB of RAM with an 80GB hard drive to play with. Well, what did you expect? The Turin Shroud for the mother board?

sapphire-apple.jpgOf course the whole point of a laptop is that it’s portable and personally, I don’t think I’d dare take this out the house. In fact, I’d probably be nervous breathing near it.

It’ll cost you US$8000 to own which seemed rather steep at first but then, isn’t that what high end Macs cost anyway?

Computer Choppers (via bornrich)

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