Studio Leung's stylish-but-impractical MacBook Air bag


airbook-macbag-case.jpgThere’s an amazing ecosystem that surrounds every Apple product. It’s like a mini rain forest. Every time Apple sprouts a product, thousands of bottom-feeders and parasites all appear out of nowhere to feast themselves silly!

Within hours of the announcement of the MacBook Air we had the comedic Envelope Case, then something from Belkin, now there’s another little bird picking the fleas out of the hippo’s back – the Mac bag by Studio Leung.

It’s basically a really slim bag, made out of waxed cotton, without room to put anything else in. You couldn’t even ram a copy of Metro into its felt-lined form. It surely only exists so if you buy a MacBook Air, you can let everyone know you’ve got a MacBook Air. Because that’s the reason most people will be getting them, right?

(Via Core77)

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Gary Cutlack
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