MacBook Air battery CAN be replaced: take one screwdriver…

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macbook_air_back.jpgOne of the early criticisms levelled at Apple’s new MacBook Air ultra-thin notebook computer is that the battery seems to be a non-replaceable part.

While Air fans have said that carrying round a spare battery defeats the object of the machine’s portability, if the internal battery goes kaput, it would be a lot handier to be able to pop in a new one without having to send it away to Apple.

It turns out a distinctly low-tech solution exists. According to AppleInsider, all that’s required is “a single size-0 type Philips screwdriver and some diligence.”

Surprisingly (to an iPhone owner, at least) the underside of the MacBook Air can be easily unscrewed and removed, giving immediate access to the battery cavity. The battery can then be unscrewed from the chassis and unplugged from the circuit board.

What isn’t clear, though, is whether this will ever be a sanctioned move by Apple, and in the meantime, quite how you’re supposed to get a replacement battery. No doubt third-party batteries will be released in due course, waiting to void your warranty.

(Via Tech Republic)

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