PocketGuitar – ride the guitar game popularity wave on iPhone


pocket-guitar-iphone.jpgWhen popular things COLLIDE!

Who would’ve thought the humble old guitar would be one of 2008’s hottest accessories? Thanks to the finger-exercising genius of Guitar Hero, you can’t move for things that replicate the guitar-playing experience – while also making it easier for those of us who never put the hours in during our teenage years to learn how to play a proper one with actual strings.

And the guitar comeback has now crashed onto/into another of today’s popular toys – iPhone. PocketGuitar is, as you’ve probably gathered by this rambling and that photograph, an unofficial little guitar app for iPhone.

You strum it, it makes guitar sounds. You can even “jam” over the top of your MP3 collection, perhaps reinterpreting the powerful chords of Girls Aloud’s ‘Love Machine’ – although the original artists clearly didn’t intend their works to be heard with you fumbling away on second bass.

(Via PocketGuitar)

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