OPINION: One MacBook Air or SIX Asus Eee PCs?


gary%20and%20sonic%20200.JPGGary Cutlack writes…

You could have one MacBook Air – UK price around £1200 – or you could get SIX Asus Eee PCs and leave them dotted about the house for the ultimate in connected futuristic living spaces.

Or you could just get one Asus Eee PC and have a grand left over to spend on doing up the house or buying a new TV. Or two new TVs. A 40″ for the lounge, a 32″ for the bedroom and an Eee PC. Or perhaps a different combination? Maybe you’d prefer two super-powerful Dell XPS laptops for the price of one MacBook Air? Or four decent Toshibas with the same spec only in slightly fatter cases?

Whatever the combination you go for, there are numerous ways to get yourself a cool and powerful laptop without giving Apple a quite insane £1200 for a MacBook Air.

Yes, it’s very thin. And yes, Sony charges about the same amount of money for something similar up at the fashionable end of its VAIO range, but Sony charging more for things than other companies isn’t exactly new. Nor is Apple doing the very same.

Honestly. It’s about time people stopped paying the Apple Premium and started looking at what they’re actually getting for their money, rather than going crazy because Steve Jobs reads out a list of bullet points at a presentation and manages to make not having a DVD drive sound like a key feature.

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Gary Cutlack
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  • My current plans?

    – Asus eee for meeting note-taking and travel (will buy that soon!)
    – decent desktop computer at home (just bought one! Came with a 19″ widescreen monitor!).

    Desktops are typically half the price of equivalent laptops, and it’s not like I need to play video games or do image tasks on the move.

    And the combo is Still cheaper than a Macbook Air. 🙂

  • Gary, you are my new favourite person.

    I’ve never owned an Apple product myself, although I’ve toyed with those of my friends to see what all the fuss is about. I just don’t buy into the Macintosh philosophy that hand-holding and removing core functionalities makes a device more stable, more intuitive, or crucially in all instances, more expensive.

    You can apply that to the phone, the mp3 player, the notebooks, the desktops and the whole damned OS.

    OSX is more ‘governing system’ than ‘operating system’… although having said that, Vista is sadly descending to such restrictive defaults too.

  • bloody hell i know. the only apple product i own is an ipod video that had about a hundred quid knocked off the price after the new ones came out. and i’m quite frankly not impressed with that either – apart from its nice screen, 80gb drive and video playback (which i never ever use, i don’t think i’ve ever wanted to watch video on a tiny screen on the bus), it’s a massive step back from the six-year-old Rio Karma it replaced. sound quality is worse, it plays fewer formats, its playlist functions are a joke, and it requires itunes which is fucking shit.

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