It's a coat! It's a bag! It's a tent!


If you travel a lot, you appreciate convergence gadgets – those ones that combine two or three different gadgets into one. Is this going a bit far, though? It’s a coat that also serves as a bag and a tent(!).

The product of designer Justin Gargasz, this is just a concept so you won’t be able to buy it, but it’s pretty well-constructed. Made of Cordura, the excess material when in jacket form is rolled into the lower back to provide lumbar support. The arms of the jacket act as a handle when you’re in bag mode.

The only problem that I can forsee would come if it rained. If you’ve got a soaking wet tent, are you really going to want to put it on to try and keep you dry the rest of the day? One for dry weekends only, I think.

(via LikeCool)

Geek Chic: a t-shirt, bag or mug with a mosiac of your Twitter friends


My Twitter followers are important to me. No, really, you all are. But I’m not convinced that they’re important enough for me to want to wear them on my chest all day. Still, you might be closer to them than I am, so for £20 you can stick them on on T-Shirt and look down every ten minutes at your lovely disciples.

Also available are mugs (for £11), bags (currently out of stock) and business cards (£5.50). Just think to yourself before you make your purchase – will you genuinely still be wearing that thing in six months’ time?

Twitter Mosaic (via TechCrunch)

Studio Leung's stylish-but-impractical MacBook Air bag

airbook-macbag-case.jpgThere’s an amazing ecosystem that surrounds every Apple product. It’s like a mini rain forest. Every time Apple sprouts a product, thousands of bottom-feeders and parasites all appear out of nowhere to feast themselves silly!

Within hours of the announcement of the MacBook Air we had the comedic Envelope Case, then something from Belkin, now there’s another little bird picking the fleas out of the hippo’s back – the Mac bag by Studio Leung

Bullet-resistant backpack offers protection from gunshot and other weaponry

my_childs_pack_backpack.jpgIn both the US and UK, the safety of kids both on and off school campuses is a high priority, and rightly so. Now Massachusetts-based MJ Safety Solutions is offering a special backpack containing a bullet- and edged-weapon-resistant panel, certified as a NIJ Level II plate which can withstand medium and low caliber rounds.

Adding 20 ounces in weight to the regular backpack, it will provide either back or front protection – but of course has to be held or worn in the appropriate place. I suppose if you had $350 to spare, and didn’t mind looking like an idiot, you could wear two.

MJ Safety claims that, of the 328 shootings in the US since Columbine in 1999, 97% could have been prevented by using their bags.