Hail to the world’s ugliest most expensive MacBook Air

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Unveiled at CeBIT, this is the world’s first MacBook Air to get the Swarovski crystal makeover treatment. This is what creator Bling My Thing (that’s the name, I swear I’m not making it up) is calling the ‘Golden Age’. Honestly, hasn’t anyone worked out that it doesn’t make any difference how many Swarovski bloody crystal you super-glue to a piece of technology, it still looks utterly ridiculous.

This latest eye-sore, the pattern on which reminds me of a cushion my granny once made, will set you and your sugar daddy back a mere £20,000. The part that really tickles me is that of course Apple designed the MacBook Air not just to be ultra skinny, but to be light and portable too. Thus the 24k gold coating under each of the crystals and the 18k gold topping is going to go some way towards undermining that.

Not that it really matters I suppose. You’re not going to be lugging this baby onto the train. Not even first class. Maybe you’d keep it in your private Swarovski coated jet, and then you could have your Swarovski coated butler carry it on for you.

If you’re not lucky enough to be at CeBIT to see this monstrosity, then it will be coming of Selfridges in London’s Oxford Street on March 18th. Dress up nice and remember to curtsey.

Bling My Thing (via Gizmodo)

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