IFA 2008: Philips gets in on the thin scene with its 42" Essence LCD – only 38mm thick

HDTV, IFA 2008

philips_essence_tv_with_hub.jpgThis year’s “thing” at IFA 2008 is definitely thin TVs. Everyone’s at it. Spec sheets now list LCD thickness in millimetres, as companies fight – like children over a dropped sweet – to see who’s got the thinnest TV.

That award has already been won by Sony’s BRAVIA ZX1, to be honest – but the new Philips Essence LCD isn’t far behind. Peaking at a max width of 38mm, the 42″ screen has been designed to sit flush against a wall.

The Philips Essence (AKA 42PES0001) also leaps on another popular TV bandwagon – farming out its image processing technology and external connectors to a separate hub. Everything you own plugs in to this base station – which boasts three HDMI sockets – and is then channelled to the Essence via a single cable. The Essence is even powered through the same single lead for MAXIMUM TIDINESS.

(Via Philips)

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Gary Cutlack
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