IFA 2008: Toshiba announces new upscaled to HD Regza LCD TV range

IFA 2008, TVs

So, the kind of upscaling that Toshiba was talking in their conference has come into force in the form of the Regza ZF range of LCD TVs, launched over here at IFA today.

These panels include “Resolution+”, as mentioned before, rather than the XDE upscaling which is what drives their DVD players to “near HD” or whatever the tried and tested legal terminology allows.

The idea is that these screens will offer something equivalent to 1080p HD at a contrast ratio of 30,000:1 with 10bit colour processing. Naturally, there’s not a whiff of a Blu-ray about these but I wouldn’t turn your nose up at Tosh so quickly. They may not quite promise the real deal for audio-visual-aphiles, but the Regza range looks to offer decent picture quality at what I hope proves to be a much more affordable price.


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Daniel Sung
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