Philips Essence 42" LCD – wall-mountable TV for the lazy, weak & rich


Philips has released another LCD that I can’t afford. They’re not alone in the practice. Most television manufacturers bring out sets I can only dribble over with reassuring regulatory.

This particular untouchable boasts 100Hz technology and lightening fast 2ms response time to keep your evening of Coronation Street free from juddery, blurred images. Oh and the contrast ratio’s 66,000:1. Peanuts really…

IFA 2008: Philips gets in on the thin scene with its 42" Essence LCD – only 38mm thick


This year’s “thing” at IFA 2008 is definitely thin TVs. Everyone’s at it. Spec sheets now list LCD thickness in millimetres, as companies fight – like children over a dropped sweet – to see who’s got the thinnest TV.

That award has already been won by Sony’s BRAVIA ZX1, to be honest – but the new Philips Essence LCD isn’t far behind. Peaking at a max width of 38mm, the 42″ screen has been designed to sit flush against a wall…