Philips Essence 42" LCD – wall-mountable TV for the lazy, weak & rich


Philips has released another LCD that I can’t afford. They’re not alone in the practice. Most television manufacturers bring out sets I can only dribble over with reassuring regulatory.

This particular untouchable boasts 100Hz technology and lightening fast 2ms response time to keep your evening of Coronation Street free from juddery, blurred images. Oh and the contrast ratio’s 66,000:1. Peanuts really.

Despite the spec, it’s the design aspect of the, oh wait a minute, I have’t told you what it’s called. Despite the spec, it’s the design of the Philips Essence that’s been the focus for the Dutch tech giants.

They’ve made the 42″ screen slimline at 38mm thick and super-light, weighing just 16kg. The idea is to encourage punters to mount the thing on their wall rather than in most cases where people chicken out because they’re afraid it’ll tear down their plaster.

Personally, I think the weight is just an excuse. I see how it goes. You promise the person you live with that you’ll get the really big TV on the condition that you wall mount it so it won’t intrude much despite its enormous frame. The TV arrives. You switch it on and there it stays, wherever it came out of its box.

Should you decide to get the drill out, Philips has promised to make it easy for you with their smart levelling bracket that means you can hang the TV straight even if your handiwork is on the piss.

Much of the Essence sits out of sight in a receiver box which connects by a single cable and if you want the rest of the details, you’re looking at three HDMI sockets, a sound bar and an 11mm metal remote control too.

So, come up with the £1,999 and you can see it for yourself.


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Daniel Sung
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