IFA 2008: Philips brings backlighting technology to PC, with its 22OXW9 22" LightFrame Monitor

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According to Philips, its new 22OXW9 LightFrame LCD PC monitor is “proven to reduce eye fatigue,” making your PC-based life slightly easier to tolerate. It does this in the same way Philips’ range of HDTVs have been doing it for years – powering up a backlight to bathe the sides of the screen, and your wall, and your desk, in a relaxing glow.

The colour Philips has chosen? Blue. To match all the pulsating LEDs on your Gaming Rig. The LightFrame “stimulates the visual senses and improves concentration even after long hours spent in front of a computer screen,” apparently, even going so far as to help people “feel less tired and more rested.”

Meanwhile, our tech senses are stimulated by the 22OXW9’s 22″ size, 2ms response rate and range-topping 12000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The Philips LightFrame Monitor will be brightening up branches of PC World from November.

(Via Philips)

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