ASUS launches LS221H "world's slimmest" 22-inch monitor


asus_LS221H_thin_monitor.jpgHere we go with the thinness wars again, with ASUS claiming that its new LS221H 22-inch monitor is the world’s slimmest, at just 45mm depth.

The monitor features leather, a glossy black chassis, and diamond-cut corners. I’m not sure I’d have put leather on a monitor, but if you enjoy the smell you’ll certainly notice it as it heats up!

The anti-glare glass screen is diamond-cut and toughened to protect against damage, and the monitor offers 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, 4,000:1 smart contrast ratio, 2ms response time, “Splendid Video Intelligence Technology” which automatically corrects and constantly adjusts every detail of the image to optimise visual quality, HDMI input, and a variety of preset display modes.

Available for around £270.


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Andy Merrett
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