IFA 2008: Harman/Kardon GLA-55 loudspeakers

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gla-55.jpgThere are two basic things you can rate speakers on. The most important is obviously how they sound. Harman-Kardon have a great track record in this area – I expect the GLA-55s sound amazing. They’ve got a 3.5″ mini-jack connection – designed for your PC or for an MP3 player – and they’re 56 Watts, so you should be able to crank them a fair bit.

The second thing you can rate them on is how they look. My god these are ugly. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this beholder really isn’t keen. They’re cut glass, and the press release claims that they’ll “integrate beautifully with home and office décor”, but you’d have to have a very special kind of Disney ice-palace themed house for them to blend in with your decor.

If you’re a Disney princess, and you’d like a pair of these, then they’re going to be available sometime this autumn. No word on how much they’ll be, but if you can afford an ice castle, you’ll probably be able to afford these.

Update: Lucy over at ShinyShiny loves these, as does DMJ in the comments. That’s 2-1 against my “ugly” opinion. Are you a fan? Or do they make you wretch? Let us know in the comments.


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