Marantz launches Bluetooth wireless iPod dock and hi-fi receiver

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We’re pretty selective about what iPod docks we cover at Tech Digest, given that there must be hundreds of them floating about now and they’re all much of a muchness. However, we like Marantz, so the latest Bluetooth wireless iPod dock is definitely worth a mention.

First up, the dock looks good. It’s compact, holds the larger iPods at a nice angle (pictured is the iPod touch), and should fit in anywhere.

The wireless receiver allows both audio and video from the iPod to be streamed from the dock to a connected hi-fi or TV.

It uses Bluetooth technology, so although the range and bandwidth is less than that of Wi-Fi, it should happily work in the same room and won’t interfere with existing wireless networks.

As I had to automatically translate the press release from Japanese, details are a little sketchy. However, it looks like a decent piece of kit that lets you use your existing audio gear, rather than using a dock with substandard speakers built-in, which only adds bulk and cost.

It will cost the equivalent of about £190, and be available in Japan from January next year. No word on international availability at present.

(Via Akihabara News)

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