Boombench – a Bluetooth stereo for the whole community


I’d happily wait hours for the bus if benches were built according to Michael Schone’s design. His creation is called the Boombench. It’s essentially a very large Bluetooth stereo nailed to the ground that you can sit on with 60 watt co-axial speakers, two subwoofers and a bass bin with enough power to shake any booty with which it comes into contact. Just look at this lady’s face if you don’t believe me…

…there’s a pleasure that dare not speak its name for you.

In case you hadn’t worked it out, the idea is that any old punter turns up with their phone, mp3 player or what have you and streams the music straight to the bench for all to hear. You’d hope it wasn’t in a residential area. You’d hope you didn’t have to fight/wait with someone playing terrible music.

This particular model was on display last month in Amsterdam and it went down a little like this…

boombench from michael schoner on Vimeo.

…in a very silly fashion it seems.

So, the Boombench. It might make a skate park near you some day, provided it doesn’t get nicked.

nl architects (via Hack a Day)

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