Google launches SearchWiki – you may now customise your search results

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google-searchwiki-demo.jpgHot from giving up on Lively, Google’s now invented another thing we’re not sure we’ll ever need or use – SearchWiki.

It’s designed to let browsers customise their Google search results, so if you’re currently logged into your Gmail/Google account you’ll be able to organise findings as you wish. Which means shuffling about entries and moving lower results higher up the rankings, helping you use Google like more of an extension of your fat and lazy old brain than ever before.

Searchers are also allowed, empowered and trusted to add notes to results and delete offending sites from appearing the next time they search for “pizza meat delivery now” – although you’re the only person who will see the changes. Edits do not alter the vast Google database itself, only the list of results and irrelevant advertising you see at your end – but other users will be able to read your notes.

There’s a very nice video of a very nice man from Google explaining how it works here in a much clearer way than I’ve just managed, should it sound like the sort of thing you might bother with, rather than yet another pointless Google team-bonding development exercise that’ll be forgotten about in six months.

(Via Google and Mashable)

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