Google Earth maps Ancient Rome, hope to catch up to modern Rome within the next 2000 years


Google Earth has become even cooler. Now, in addition to viewing the Earth in 3 dimensions, you can now navigate through – Rome at least – in the 4th dimension: time.

Researchers at the Universities of California and Virginia have painstakingly mapped out ancient Rome in 3D, when Rome was at its most developed – though it looks as though they’ve left out all of the signage, barriers, fences and builders that were there when Transport for Rome decided to close down half the aqueduct network every single weekend for “upgrades”.

Apparently there are over 6,700 buildings on there including some of the famous tat you might remember from school – like the Forum, the Basilica of Maxentius and the Arc of Constantine.

This is the first time Google have ventured back in time – though here’s hoping they do it some more. Rumours are suggesting that Google is working on a 3D model of Birmingham, immediately prior to the point where it became a dystopian wasteland full of awful people, but these are unconfirmed at this point.

(via The Telegraph)

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