Google Earth now on the iPhone

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iphone-google-earth.jpgRejoice – fans of geocaching. Google Earth is now available on Apple’s iPhone. Several Google apps are already available on the platform, and the inbuilt mapping application uses Google maps data, but until now there was no access to Google’s archive of 3D terrain data. That’s just changed.

The app also makes good use of the touchscreen and accelerometer. Multi-touch works just as you’d expect it to for zooming and panning, and you can tilt the phone around to tilt the view around, to look up, down or around. GPS integration is also present, so you can view and track your location in the software.

I haven’t got an iPhone handy to test with, so I can’t discuss the performance of the software, which would be one of my key concerns. Other users have reported that it’s surprisingly good, however.

Sadly you can’t view 3D buildings yet, or display custom data layers, both of which are available on the desktop versions of the device. And where’s Google Earth for Android? Or Symbian, for that matter?

Google Earth for iPhone (via cnet)

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