More trouble for RIM as BlackBerry 10 handsets slip to 2013

They just aren't having any luck over at RIM at the moment, are they? The BlackBerry manufacturers have just released a statement that their next big smartphone hope, the BlackBerry 10 OS and related handsets now wont ship until early…

Nokia reveal £800 million operating loss

Despite the promising launch of Nokia's first set of Windows Phone 7 devices with their Lumia range, it's still tough times for the Finnish company. Revealing that their smartphone fightback is far from over, they've announced an operating loss of…

Nokia smartphone slump sees sales slide 39%

Nokia's Q3 sales figures have just come in, and it seems the Windows Phone 7 handsets they're working on just can't come soon enough. The Finnish company suffered a $94 million net loss over the third quarter, with a 39%…

TomTom Go Live 1000 launched

TomTom has launched its latest flagship GPS system, the TomTom Go Live 1000. With a design more in line with a smartphone than an in-car sat-nav, it's a bold move by the company currently battling the influx of mobile applications…

Google Timeline results graduates from Labs


Towards the start of last year, Google experimented with different ways to view search results in its “Experimental” section. They were evidently happy enough with one of them – Timeline – that it’s now appearing in some queries in the main results. Timeline allows you to browse results by when they were posted, or when they ocurred.

The picture above is for a search for “book of revelations”, though that search no longer displays the timeline. Perhaps Google is still tweaking it a little. I hope it stays, I rather like it, but it does beg the question – what’s next? Search by smell?

(via Search Engine Land)

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Google launches SearchWiki – you may now customise your search results


Hot from giving up on Lively, Google’s now invented another thing we’re not sure we’ll ever need or use – SearchWiki.

It’s designed to let browsers customise their Google search results, so if you’re currently logged into your Gmail/Google account you’ll be able to organise findings as you wish. Which means shuffling about entries and moving lower results higher up the rankings, helping you use Google like more of an extension of your fat and lazy old brain than ever before…

Google showcases new experimental search views: map, timeline, info

google_experimental_labs.pngGoogle has announced a trio of new views for search results, currently in an experimental stage. They provide some useful alternatives to the bog standard “ten results per page” text links many Google users are most familiar with.

Combining Google Search with Google Maps unsurprisingly gives rise to the Map view, which will plot the key locations contained within a batch of search results on a map.

Great for a school project — a slapdash one at least — is the Timeline view, though this potentially needs to be taken as carefully as one would, or should, treat Wikipedia. It lists search results as usual, but plots a timeline graph along the top of the page, showing when things happened (according to the search results). Looks good for an overview of a person, a historical event, or a concept, which can lead to further study.

Apple records record results for first quarter of 2008

The world economy might be teetering on the verge of recession, but that’s having little impact on Apple’s figures – with an announced revenue of $9.6 billion and a net quarterly profit of $1.58 billion for its fiscal 2008 first quarter (ending December 29th 2007).