Marantz launches high-performance amp and CD player

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marantz_PM8003-SA8003.jpgMarantz has announced its latest high-end amplifier and separate CD player.

The PM8003 stereo amplifier can deliver up to 200 watts across two channels, has an oversized bespoke toroidal transformer, is made with hand-selected components including Shottky barrier diodes and Marantz’s Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules.

Functions include Source Direct, which bypasses the tone control circuitry, and Amp Direct, which allows the PM8003 to be used solely as a power amplifier.

Made from a solid metal chassis, with thick aluminium and reinforced glass fibre resin, vibration is virtually eliminated. Pre-, power-, and volume-control circuitry is separated and shielded to prevent crosstalk and interference.

Meanwhile, the SA8003 CD player can play Super Audio CDs as well as standard audio CDs. It, too, has a solid chassis, and features a rigid Zylon loading mechanism to eliminate vibration. It has a 24-bit/192kHz CS4398 DAC, bespoke capacitors, Shottky diodes, and Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules.

All gold-plated connections as standard, with a remote control, and USB port.

The SACD player will be available this month priced £700, with the amp coming next month priced at £630.

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