There's going to be an Xbox 360 game about crisps :(


xbox-360-doritos.jpgCrisps! Frito-Lay, the American potato-reconstituter known for such excellent sandwich accompaning crisp brands as Doritos, is asking people to submit designs for an Xbox Live Arcade game.

The Doritos-maker is demanding all concepts should “take the spirit of the Doritos tortilla chips brand and bring it to life on the Xbox 360”.

Yes, that is what they actually said.

Five initial winners, if they could be called that, will get to work alongside an Xbox Live Arcade development team to see their dream made into a playable game which’ll then be put up on display at SNACK STRONG Productions.

The public will then be able to vote on which horrendous, corporate promotional piece they would like to see made into a full Xbox Live Arcade game, which’ll appear for purchase online in 2008.

You have until July 29 to submit your crisp-based idea on SNACK STRONG Productions.

This update has, like eating Doritos, left us feeling quite dirty with a funny taste in our mouths.

Gary Cutlack
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