The Arcam DiVA AVR280 Cinema & Music Receiver

Home cinema

See that product name? Has a small ‘i’ in it. Now that’s cool. The Arcam DiVA AVR280’s price is perhaps a little less-cool at £1200, but you’re getting one very important thing – loads and loads of little silver buttons.

And it needs them – Arcam’s new “entry level” receiver is a slimmed-down version of the FMJ AV9. It features full HDMI two-way switching support – at 1080p – for that top-spec HD home cinema experience. It also delivers 7 x 80 watts rms per channel output to your ears, which will be begging for mercy before the opening credits of The Matrix have finished.

It also has something called a “toroidal transformer” which there’s no point in even pretending to know anything about. Arcam says this “improves bass timing and control” so we’ll happily go along with that.


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Gary Cutlack
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