Arcam DV137 DVD upscaler


Strangely, just because Blu-ray and HD DVD are coming along to promote the merits of High Definition, many people aren’t quite ready to write off their existing, and by now extensive, DVD collections. Over at HDTV they’ve caught wind of a smart new DVD player from Arcam, the DV137, which will upscale your DVDs to any of the main three HD resolutions, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

It is part of the DiVA range and offers a wealth of format support including DVD-A, SACD, DiVX and all manner of recordable discs. For video output you can choose between SCART, component and of course HDMI.

Obviously this no-holds-barred approach to a DVD player doesn’t come cheap – the DV137 will set you back a cool £1200 but the company claims it picture quality is ‘near HD quality’. That difference will be easier to detect on giant plasma screens but on smaller LCDs the distinction between it and a new HD DVD player will probably be much harder to notice.


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