Sony Ericsson's sporty W710i

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Another handset was revealed yesterday in Sony Ericsson‘s new mobile line up. This is the W710i – a sporty clamshell also boasting WALKMAN‘s good name. This unit also supports the new Memory Stick Micro (M2) format and comes with a 512MB card.

Sony Ericsson has put quite a lot of thought into making this handset perfect for sporty types – it even comes packaged with own armband so you can have easy access to the controls when you’re out running. These controls, incidentally, will cover all the important things like FM and MP3 playback meaning you don’t need to open it up and get at the main menu.

There is a new jogging application can be used to measure speed and distance covered while you’re running. There is also a daily step counter that will display your progress as the day goes on.

The W710i also has an interesting “motion sensor” feature which I’m guessing is related to those jogging applications but it hasn’t been made entirely clear in the press release. On top of all that you have a 2 megapixel, FM radio and EDGE support.

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