Roberts gets sporty (sort of)


Great British radio manufacturer Roberts is best known for producing solid looking, sensible models not too far removed in style from what your Granddad used to listen to Winston Churchill on when he were a lad.

Occasionally though it goes completely bonkers and comes up with things like this. The Sports DAB personal digital radio (they must have agonised over that name) is a funky looking, carry anywhere portable designed to accompany the active man when white water rafting, skiing or attempting to buy a pint at 6.30 on a Friday in Soho.

Except it is not. It is called Sports not because it has tough casing or a splashproof finish, but because that’s what Roberts thinks people will use the radio to listen to.

Nevertheless is also has a large-ish display, FM for back up and a jog wheel for finding channels. It goes for a reasonable £100.

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