Is it a video Gnome next from Sky?

Satellite TV

Yesterday I took delivery of a Gnome. Not the common or garden variety, but a little audio streaming device that works with Sky’s satellite system. As we have mentioned before you use it to tune in wirelessly anywhere in the home to the radio stations, or TV without pictures if you must, from your Sky box. It goes for £69.99 and we’ll have a full review coming soon.

The major drawback with the device is that if someone switches the TV on and starts changing channels then the audio feed changes with it, which could be highly irritating.

We spoke to the guys at Sky about the device this morning and the company already has big plans for other accessories of this type. ‘Wouldn’t it be good,’ I asked, ‘if the LED screen were an OLED one that can stream video from the box so you could watch TV on your device anywhere in your home.’ From the response I got I think they could well be working on it.

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