London (almost) tops Euro poll for free Wi-Fi


The guys at have taken it upon
themselves to track down free wireless internet hotspot across Europe
and document it all on the site. London
is placed second only to Paris

and for the moment the number of these zones is still very limited. Nonetheless,
comparing the two gets you a surprisingly good indication of each capital’s
culture. If you were to undertake a free Wi-Fi tour in each, Paris would see
you inhabiting an enormous number of cafés and expensive sounding restaurants
(although that could be because of the French names), where as London should
see you visiting a decent selection of watering holes including The Shaftesbury
Tavern, The Westbourne and The Mucky Pup which seem like the right kind places
to be our nation’s wireless internet ambassadors. Sadly the vast majority of
locations are actually hotels or the like, but I suppose you could still stride
in, laptop in hand, sit at the bar and rack up a few stiff drinks to Mr Smith
in room 104…

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