First ever DAB/MP3 personal


Here’s a world’s first product that I suspect we are going to be seeing an awful lot more of. Yep Morphy Richards has unveiled the first ever personal MP3 player with an integrated digital radio. On sale now the Morphy Richards DAB MP3 Player (they aren’t big on fancy names) features either 256 or 512MB of storage and a full on DAB radio with an FM tuner as back-up.

The MP3 player sounds fairly easy to use with tunes simply dragged and dropped on to the device. There’s also a reasonable screen to display track names as well as display DAB information such as programme details, playlists, song lyrics and news.
The player costs £139.99 for the 256MB product and £159.99 for the 512MB.

It won’t have the market for  long though as players like Oregon Scientific and Bush are already working on their own models.

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