Currys gives cassettes the boot – blaming the "MP3 generation"

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That icon of music discovery, the audio cassette, looking to be heading off the shelves for good. High street retailer Currys is selling off its existing stock, with no intention of replenishment. The reason? We’ve all gone digital.

According to Currys, less than five per cent of new audio equipment features a cassette deck – and this will drop to zero in the next 18 months. Saying that, if you still have a stack of tapes, you can always buy this cassette deck for your desktop PC.

Peter Keenan, managing director of Currys, says with a hint of nostalgia: “I remember the tape with some fondness. The hours spent putting together compilation tapes and the all-too-familiar experience of finding that your deck had chewed your tape will resonate with many now in their 30s and 40s. For today’s MP3 generation, it’s just a few clicks of the mouse to achieve what’s arguably a better outcome.”

It is – but it’s not really the same labour of love.

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Dave Walker
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