Over 55s actually know how PCs work


Grandma.jpgAnd, according to a Microsoft survey of PC users, 95 percent of grey browsers over the age of 55 use their PCs every day – and 76 percent of these use the web to shop online.

Elsewhere in Microsoft’s state of the nation PC survey, it found that 83 percent of all PC users regularly shop online, while a pretty respectable 40 percent of the 1000 people Microsoft asked use the web to sell stuff too.

Their main major concerns were security, viruses and identity theft.

Mike Haigh, Windows Client Marketing Manager, Microsoft UK, said, “With the growth in online activities such as shopping and emailing photos, it is good to see that consumers of all ages are increasingly aware of security threats. Technology is getting smarter so it’s easier for people to use safely – as the survey shows, it is the older consumers who are really getting a lot out of their home computer.”

Mike then went on to reveal the reason behind this survey – a plug for Windows Vista.

“There are now in-built safeguards in Windows Vista to recognise fraudulent websites and prevent malicious attacks. We believe that Windows Vista will help consumers surf and use their computers with peace of mind.”

Some other facts from the Vista-plugging PC user survey:

  • A surprisingly low 22.9 percent of people surveyed have a social networking account
  • Only a third of respondents play games on their computers

  • 21 percent watch TV programmes, films and videos on their PC

  • Just over half of the 25 – 34 age group sell things online.

  • Three quarters of respondents feel they are not using their home computer to its full potential.

  • Yorkshire residents use their home computers the most often (94 percent).

  • Londoners are more likely to use their computers for music, with just over a half using their computer to listen to music and 40 percent downloading music.

  • Identity theft is the biggest concern for the Scottish (38 percent), followed by the North West (31 percent).
  • Windows Vista

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