The sensational return of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Episode 2: Not connecting with real people

The double act no one really wants to see the return of has returned, as the two extremely rich men try to act like they’re normal and in touch with us common folk. All in the name of making Windows Vista look cool. It is not working. It didn’t work before. And this one’s even worse.

See Bill and Jerry order Chinese food, as if they don’t have in-house chefs back home at their respective palaces cooking up high-nutrient, low-fat foods at any time of day. They joke about being rich. This all goes on for a completely bewildering four and a half minutes. Here. See how far you can get through it.

Bill does a bit of robot dancing at the end…

Something to do with a PlayStation3 – spend 25 minutes waiting for Windows Vista to load

You have to love hackers. OK, so they occasionally hack into your email account and upload your cybersex email history to the internet for everyone to laugh at, print out and stick on the office noticeboard, but, once in a while, they pull off something truly magnificent.

Like this – getting Windows Vista running on a PlayStation3. It’s actually running under emulation, with Qemu 0.9.1 doing most of the work. Which is why it takes 25 minutes to boot up.

There’s quite a bit more to it than that, but it’s frankly way above my head and if I tried to explain how it’s been done I’d only get something wrong…

Opinion: Toshiba laptop face-recognition is a waste of tech time!


Jonathan Weinberg writes…

So you’re buying a new laptop. Large hard disk, check! Fast processor, check! Windows Vista, well if I must! Face-recognition to stop unauthorised people from logging into it, blimey – what is this, Star Trek?

Well, that could be the newest addition to your techno-arsenal if you snap up one of
Toshiba’s latest notebooks, the Satellite U300, A300 or P300.

Not only are they full spec’d up to the nines, the most interesting bit of gadgetry inside
has to be the camera that matches your face to the one stored in the memory, before it’ll let you into the desktop.

And it’s also the most useless bit of gadgetry I’ve seen in a while…

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 released, may break some stuff


Microsoft has announced that the first Service Pack — funnily enough called SP1 — is now available for all versions of the latest Windows Vista operating system.

Unfortunately, the company says that the update could well break a number of pieces of software, which is unfortunate given that quite a few bits of software stopped working properly (or at all) in the transition from XP to Vista…