Windows Vista Service Pack 1 released, may break some stuff


windows_vista_logo.gifMicrosoft has announced that the first Service Pack — funnily enough called SP1 — is now available for all versions of the latest Windows Vista operating system.

Unfortunately, the company says that the update could well break a number of pieces of software, which is unfortunate given that quite a few bits of software stopped working properly (or at all) in the transition from XP to Vista.

On the plus side, Microsoft claims that the update will improve stability, security, and performance, which has to be a good thing.

There may well be some additional downloads required before the Service Pack is applied, such as device drivers and the like, but that should be diagnosed if the update is downloaded via Windows Update.

It’s available now, or alternatively it will start rolling out automatically from mid-April. Initially available in five languages — English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese — it should be available in another 31 by the middle of April.

Anyone upgrading straight away? How was it for you?

(Via BBC News)

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  • upgraded last night. doesnt seem faster. a few teething problems such as sound card not working. but a restart solved that. still having the same problems i experienced from when i had vista sp zero. dont understand why i thought sp1 would solve those problems anyway

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