Mozilla CEO lashes out at Apple's sly Safari tactics


On Friday, word came in that Apple was slipping a little Safari install into its latest automatic Apple Software Update. Needless to say, the weekend witnessed an explosion of discussion, complaint, defence and lament – pretty much like when Apple does anything else. Ever.

But the most interesting of all the fiery backlashes comes from Mozilla CEO, John Lilly. On his personal blog, he broadly criticises Apple’s move…

Apple pushes Safari to Windows users


According to AppleInsider, Apple is somewhat stealthily trying to get a bigger share of the Windows web browser market by leveraging its huge iTunes user base and recommending that they install Safari.

Apple’s Software Update, installed on Windows machines with ITunes, has been used to deliver updates to both iTunes and Quicktime, but it now seems that Apple is happy to push other Windows-friendly products via the mechanism too…

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 released, may break some stuff


Microsoft has announced that the first Service Pack — funnily enough called SP1 — is now available for all versions of the latest Windows Vista operating system.

Unfortunately, the company says that the update could well break a number of pieces of software, which is unfortunate given that quite a few bits of software stopped working properly (or at all) in the transition from XP to Vista…