Bill Gates flexes his acting skills with Jerry Seinfeld, as Microsoft kicks off $300m Windows ad campaign

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It is an advert about nothing. This clip made its debut on US television last night, bewildering viewers by showing Jerry Seinfeld and Mr Gates trying on shoes in a discount shoe shop. Then buying some shoes. Then leaving.

But it’s not an advert for shoes. Neither man has fallen that far since quitting the things that made them rich and famous. See if you can guess what it’s for.

Of course you know what it’s about and for – Windows. Microsoft’s bunging $300m into a new marketing campaign, designed to steal a bit of thunder away from Apple and make Microsoft’s Windows Vista seem cool. Or a bit cooler.

Subtly forcing us lot think Vista is less dull and more functional than we’ve been lead to believe, is the eventual aim of the campaign, as Microsoft tries to right some of the wrongs spread by Apple and its followers.

(Via Reuters)

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  • I’m a huge Seinfeld fan, but he wouldn’t be the first comedian I’d approach to try and cool up my product.

    Guess Sarah Silverman was busy.

  • I’ve watched this three times now and I simply don’t understand what it’s trying to say. The closest I’ve come up with is ‘Microsoft is comfy like a pair of cheap shoes’ but that doesn’t really work because a pair of more expensive shoes would probably be more comfortable and these shoes seem to be run a little tight, whatever that means. It’s nicely shot and Bill and Jerry seem like they’re having fun, but the ad is really a load of cobblers – quite literally.

    • Chris, I totally understand the confusion. It’s a fairly complex message but I reckon I’ve got it. It runs like this:

      Operating systems are like shoes. Everyone wants them to fit just right and, if they don’t, they’ll rub up against you until you get sore. The answer is to make sure you have an out of work comedian to help you buy your next computer. Then have a shower with your new PC. Lenny Henry is on standby.

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