eBay Nutcase of the Week: Man selling Microsoft sunglasses for $173,000

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microsoft-sunglasses-ebay.jpgBut wait! He’s not that much of a nutcase, as these sunglasses were only handed out to Microsoft employees in the 1980s. Which definitely makes them worth the full $173,000, as they are one of the few remaining pairs.

Here’s a fantastic highlight from the listing, explaining in a little more detail why they are such a valuable item for Microsoft collectors the world over…

“These are one size fits most and totally fashionable. A reliable source said these were only given to a handful of employees and every pair has been broken or lost over time… Except for these! These sunglasses were in use while Microsoft Office (word, excel, etc) was created and released! These bright sunglasses were the reason for many bright attitudes during the rise of Microsoft, and those bright attitudes might be the only reason for Microsoft’s success. “

Our Duncan has a very similar pair, included as part of the press pack from SXSW 2007. He says you can have them for £50. They’ve only been chewed a bit.

(Via NewLaunches)

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