eBay Nutcase of the Week: Lord puts title, Bentleys, houses and wives up for sale

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lord-warleigh-manor-bentleys-ebay-nutcase.jpgThis week’s eBay Nutcase is 58-year-old David Piper, who’s put his Bentleys, Lord of the Manor title, hotel, cafe and 111-acre estate up for sale on the auction site.

You are allowed to buy and sell titles in the UK, so yes, you would be able to call yourself Lord of the Manor of Warleigh should you win his auction. And you’d be able to drive his two Bentleys, sack the staff of his cafe and burn his art collection, too, with the whole lot included in the sale.

He’ll also provide you with his little black book full of contact details of all the ladies who answered his previous advertisement – for a wife. God bless Britain’s eccentrics. We wish Mr Piper all the best, as he’s selling all his stuff to fund treatment of prostate cancer. His life auction is currently at £375,000.

(Via Daily Mail)

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