Sony T700 & the 15mm thick Sony T77 – two new Cyber-shot cameras for release next month


It’s all about the cameras today with Sony leading out two new compact piccie grabbers from their photographic stables. Part of the Cyber-shot range, they go by the names of the Sony Cyber-shot T700 and the Sony Cyber-shot T77 and just to confuse matters even more, Sony Ericsson brought out the their new T700 mobile today. Yeah, that caused a little fun for a while.

The T77 – as pictured above – claims to be the world’s slimmest camera at just 15mm at its thickest point and, having a quick look at a ruler now, that makes it bloody thin in my book. It captures 10.1-megajobbies worth image through a 4x zoom Carl Zeiss lens and displays your drunken mates on a 3″ LCD at the rear.

Rather like the Nikon Coolpix range, both the T77 and the T700 come with smile detection and anti-blink technology, which’ll start your camera firing off shots without your knowledge if you wish it to, but unfortunately doesn’t pin your subjects’ eyelids back when you’re trying to grab your images.

They also feature similar image stabilisation, in the form of Optical SteadyShot rather than Nikon’s VR, and Intelligent Scene Recognition in place of Auto-Scene Selection. The ideas are the same, though, and what it means is that you get non-blurry images and optimal settings for the kind of picture you’re trying to frame.

The T77 comes in black, silver, pink, green and brown and is available for £249.99 but if you want to spend just that little bit more – and frankly, I would – you can always go for the T700 instead at 50 quid extra.


For the extra doshage you get the same 10.1-megapixels but a bigger 3.5″ LCD touchscreen display, 4GB of internal memory and Sharemark photo album software that’ll store up to 40,000 pics, assuming you don’t take them all in full capture resolution.


Beyond that, you’re essentially looking at the same bells and whistles but this time only silver, pink and grey to choose from. Both models seem like pretty reasonable mid-to-high end compact cameras but their size, style and portability do give them a nice little edge.

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