Michael Moore's 'Slacker Uprising' downloadable for free on BitTorrent


michael-moore.jpgFor anyone out there at work today with their PC at home chugging away on the Spore torrent and a small pang of guilt at then back of their mind, then prepare from some conscience free download news. Michael Moore’s latest documentary feature “Slacker Uprising” will be available for free and for keeps online on 23rd September.

The film covers Mr Moore’s 62-city tour of the marginal states in America just before the 2004 elections in a bid to convince the US’s twentysomething slacker generation to get up off their arses and get down to the polling stations. Despite the good will, it didn’t work of course but the idea is that this free release will make the difference for the Democrats this time around.

Unfortunately, as they say on all those adverts, this torrent isn’t available in the shops/the UK – North America only, my friends but of course that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to get it. It just means we won’t be able to get it direct from Blip.TV where the Slacker Uprising will be officially hosted.

It’s an interesting idea; not the concept of free downloads. We’ve seen that before. The idea of the slacker uprising is interesting. I can’t profess to know about the turn-out demographics of the younger generation for US elections. I do know that US turn-outs are usually pretty pitiful in general – much worse than over here – but it’s often spoken that the black community would make a hell of difference if they voted in numbers. That was supposed to be one of the major factors in the botched presidential elections in Florida all those years ago.

I assume that this is as much a result of the community as a whole being less affluent and feeling more disconnected from their statesmen. Perhaps Michael Moore went for the wrong group in 2004 but hopefully this time around, it won’t matter.

Barrack Obama should be able to galvanise a huge percentage of the black community into action that have never taken the time or been too disillusioned to vote before. The release of Slacker Uprising can only help aid the Democrats cause and at the least looks like an entertaining watch judging by the trailer below.

Blip.TV (via Mashable)

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Daniel Sung
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  • the US turnout in elections is actually significantly higher than Britain’s in most cases even among young voters and minorities.

    • Looking at the General and Presidential Elections of both countries, that really doesn’t seem to be the case, Jon. In the 2004 US elections, around 57% of the electorate went to poll whereas in the UK, the 2005 GE was decided by 62% of the voting public.

      The UK turnout took a bit of a nosedive after the ’97 election but usually varied between 70-80%. The US at its best has only ever managed 63% and that was back in 1960. I think what I’ve said is fair.

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