EU helping reduce your Vodafone direct debit – proposes capping roaming SMS and data fees

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Viviane_Reding_using-fixed-internet.jpgThe EU is once again aiming its twin bureaucracy cannons at the mobile industry, this time planning a crackdown on roaming fees charged when users TXT THER M8s from holiday.

The EU, lead by a rampaging Viviane Reding, has already signalled its intentions to attack rip-off roaming fees, but now we have facts – a cap of 11 euro cents (8p) per roaming text is proposed, a 62% reduction on the current average roaming fee of 29 cents.

Viviane has also been hurt before by massive mobile internet fees while checking her Gmail account from the beach, and is proposing to similarly SLASH web data fees operators can charge by lowering the per-megabyte cap from 2 euros to 1 euro.

You’ve been reading European Mobile Regulation Enforcement Digest. I’m Gary Cutlack. Hopefully I’ll be back later on with something a bit lighter about a funny thing that’s on eBay.

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