T-Mobile launches Wi-Fi at Heathrow Terminal 5


Terminal-5.jpgSo, there I was at Terminal 5 the other day on my way out to IFA in Berlin. I opened my all-too-heavy laptop expecting to reap the benefits of all the lovely Wi-Fi I’d heard about and what did I pick up – not a sausage; not so much as a secured, ultra-low signal from a mobile phone.

Now, if I were to try the same any time from today, I’d have a rather different experience. Search for a network in Heathrow T5 now and you’ll find one the size of 50 football pitches courtesy of T-Mobile. The only trouble is, it will cost you a TFT screen-cracking £5 for just one solitary hour. I’m not sure if they still have telegrams these days but I’ll bet they’re a more cost effective way of communicating from T5 if they do.

It’d probably work out better to spend your hour breeding and training wild pigeons to carry your written message to whoever it is you wish to e-mail, and, if it’s information from the net you require, then my advice is to phone someone and ask them to look something up for you until T-Mobile decides to stop ripping off the public.

The other tariff option from T-Mobile is to pay £10 for Wi-Fi access over a 24 hour period. Now, I would say, “That’s a waste of time. Who on Earth is going to spend that long at Terminal 5,” and then I remembered. Perhaps T-Mobile has done their homework after all.

Of course, if you happen to be on the T-Mobile network anyway, access is free, just as it is with all other T-Mobile hotspots, and, with them now established as one of the leading public Wi-Fi providers in the world, switching suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

(via Tech Watch)

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