Mirage Home Bar – a large, metal object with no beer included

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mirage-home-bar.jpgIt’d be hard to claim that the Mirage Home Bar was good value for money at £2,299, especially as it could quite easily be a large, metal mantelpiece by the look of it, but at least it’s not quite as face-slappingly costly as the Beer Station.

Then, at least the Beer Station comes with a pump and room for your keg as well, whereas this, is, well, a bit of a dead lump. I wouldn’t be featuring it at all if it didn’t have some rather nice, soothing, blue lighting from LEDs behind the glass and I didn’t happen to like beer very much indeed, which I do. Beer is good.

If, however, you feel your gaff could benefit from a 1000mm x 1200mm x 505mm hunk of brushed aluminium, then I suppose you could do a lot worse than this. Actually, I’m not sure you could. Ok, focus on the good. It does have a nice foot rail running along the bottom where your bar-fly buddies can rest their drunken pins.

Sorry but that’s about as positive as I can get with this. Save the cash and buy one of these instead.

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Daniel Sung
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