Microsoft urge users to ditch Windows XP

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winXP.jpgMicrosoft are urging PC users to call time on their Windows XP operating system and migrate to Windows 7 or prepare to move to Windows 8, with the company only offering support for the ageing OS for a further 1,000 days.

Massively popular, XP launched nearly ten years ago on October 25th 2001, and ushered in the internet age with home computing. However, those who are security concious will want to think about jumping ship soon, as Microsoft will no longer be offering security updates and customer support for the product.

“Wouldn’t it be great if the glory days lasted forever?” said Stephen Rose on the Microsoft blog.

“But reality is trophies get dusty, records are broken, and what it took to be the best ten years ago, just isn’t enough for today’s standards. Things get better, faster. And eventually, it’s time to move from good enough to something much better,” he added

“Windows XP had an amazing run and millions of PC users are grateful for it. But it’s time to move on. Two reasons: 1) Extended support for Windows XP is running out in less than 1000 days, and 2) there’s an OS out there that’s much better than Windows XP.”

Following the relative failure of Windows Vista, Windows 7 was a return to form for Microsoft, exceeding over 400 million in sales. Windows 8, the next version of the OS that i set to feature tablet optimisation, is expected to be released later this year.

Gerald Lynch
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