The sensational return of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Episode 2: Not connecting with real people

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The double act no one really wants to see the return of has returned, as the two extremely rich men try to act like they’re normal and in touch with us common folk. All in the name of making Windows Vista look cool. It is not working. It didn’t work before. And this one’s even worse.

See Bill and Jerry order Chinese food, as if they don’t have in-house chefs back home at their respective palaces cooking up high-nutrient, low-fat superfoods at any time of day. They joke about being rich. This all goes on for a completely bewildering four and a half minutes. Here. See how far you can get through it.

Bill does a bit of robot dancing at the end, which is worth skipping forward to see. Then the Windows logo pops up and that’s your lot. $300 million not very well spent, that.

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  • I was willing to believe that the first one was setting itself up for something longer term. That perhaps it bewildered me a little because I just ‘didn’t get it yet’. That perhaps the plot (of which there appeared to be) hadn’t unfolded to a point that I could piece together the narrative. A bit like those old coffee commercials.

    Unfortunately this new one is no more poignant, serves no more purpose, and I now fear the worst…

    There is likely to be a third.

  • Yep, they just get stranger these ads. I think at least this one had a bit more of a story than the last one in the shopping mall. But it seems rather patronising – Bill and Jerry hang out with some (relatively) poor people while reminding us of their immense success

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